Joani Maddox

Joani Maddox created Front Range Office Solutions for Today realizing that most members of the small business community struggle—or have little interest—in managing their “books” and basic office practices.  Joani has an extensive accounting background, including payroll, full-charge bookkeeping, purchasing and office management.

She has worked industries as diverse as oil field and residential psychiatric facilities, manufacturing and real estate development. She has managed payroll and scheduling for 1 to 250 employees and has purchased general supplies and raw materials for companies large and small… developing budgets and tracking single and multi-stage projects up to $50,000,000. She also has experience with human resources, in-house IT, network administration, and the development and training of JCAHA and OSHA industry-specific policies and procedures.

We know what you’re thinking… is there anything Joani can’t do? Well she won’t fix it if it ain’t broke. But if it is broken, this determined stickler for detail will roll up her sleeves and dig right in, whether you’ve asked for help saving money on staffing or office supplies, cutting costs on raw materials, or simplifying complicated procedures. Heck, she’s even been known to fix the copier! Joani’s can-do attitude and competent skill rises to every business challenge she encounters.

That’s why she started a company called FROST, so she could do what she’s good at (organizing, bookkeeping, problem solving), while you focus on the things that have made you successful.